What I Should Be Blogging About

I would not want you to think that my life as a novelist is all wine and roses, so I made a list of my top 10 truths (and sometimes worries) as a writer. These are probably the things that I should be blogging about more often:

1) I experience self-doubt when it comes to writing. Everything I write could be better. I am never fully satisfied with my work, even after it goes to press.

2) I took almost a year off from the publishing world to write better, live better, and reconnect with myself, God, and family while my fellow writers were busy writing and publishing more books. I do think I write better now, am living better, and am closer to God,  but occasionally 10 percent of me wakes up in the middle of the night wondering if my break will be bad for my career.  I’m still glad I took that break because it was good for my heart, my family, and for figuring out the direction I want to take as a writer, but that 10 percent of me…

3) I have been writing a “secret” book for a year. It’s  the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me as a writer, but it is such a departure for me that I wonder if I can pull it off. My agent knows about it, so I’m not being completely rebellious, but it IS different from my other work.  I’m 10k from the end.

4) I’m also writing a book that isn’t a departure for me, except that I hope it is better, that my daughter loves. The fact that she wants to see it published inspires me more than the chance that it might get published.

5) I don’t make a living as a writer. I freelance for a gospel music magazine sometimes and in the middle of that and fiction writing, I do write-for-hire projects under a secret pen name. My husband’s income is our primary bread and butter. It is difficult to make a living as a writer, so don’t quit your day job just for writing.

6) Even though I know better, I still sneak over and look at my Amazon sales rankings at least once a month. It gives me a headache, especially since my books have already been out for a few years.

7) I am a Christian and how my characters deal with faith is a theme, but I gladly own the fact that I am purposeful about writing for Christians, as well as Not-Christians who don’t read in the CBA market. This is sometimes not “cool” to admit if you write in Christian circles, but it’s  just the truth. Thankfully there are those who feel the same way or at least respect this outlook and are supportive. That’s the true Christian spirit among writers of faith, if you ask me.

8 ) I wish I lived on a small farm, just big enough for a garden, some chickens, some horses, maybe some cows, but mostly a big garden. I buy organic and natural groceries when I can. I care about the environment. I love nature. I’m not sure what this has to do with me as a writer, except that I think it’s why a natural setting is so much a part of my novels.

9) I drink WAY too much coffee, so if  it is after 9:00 am I switch to decaf, unless I am at the library cafe or Starbucks. I won’t pay 3 or 4 bucks for decaf.

10) Writing is one of the biggest parts of my life, but it is not my life. A life needs to consist of many parts in order to be happy, and in order for you to become a better writer.



Tina Ann Forkner is the author of Ruby Among Us and Rose House, from Waterbrook Press/Random House

9 thoughts on “What I Should Be Blogging About

  1. Great stuff to think about. Maybe a list like yours would be a great way to get my focus back.
    Someone asked my how I get in my writing when I write all day for the newspaper. I told her the plan and it was no sooner out of my mouth and life crashed and my little plan turned to dust and blew away with the Wyoming winds.
    With a full-time job, no other bread winner in the house, a puppy in training (have to admit she did help me with my NaNoWriMo word count when she attacked my laptop keyboard!), and attempting to complete my journalism degree (whew!) I have little time for much personal writing.
    I’ve had too many years of pouring myself into other people to take the time for myself without huge amounts of guilt creeping in.
    Number one on my list: I need to find time and take time to actually finish one of the books I have started. It doesn’t have to be good – just clearly marked with “Finis.”
    On to the rest of the list …


    1. Cindi S. : Good luck on your list. Sometimes setbacks give us experiences to write about later.

      Angie: Thanks. I think if we never step out of our comfort zone, our writing won’t grow.


  2. Tina,
    We met at the Writer’s Extravaganza, Cheyenne and–I look forward to your posts. They’re informative, delightful and refreshingly honest. All “10 truths” were wonderful, and I especially agree with #7. Abundant blessings!


  3. What is write-for-hire? Are these books sold under your secret pen name where the publisher has come up with the plot, etc? Just really curious about this since I’ve seen another author mention this.

    Very excited about your books!


    1. Hi Amy. Thank You! Write-for-hire can be any kind of writing that you do for somebody else and don’t get, and probably don’t desire, credit for it. Maybe it could be for a local company, library, corporation, a website, etc. It can be advertising copy, techinical writing, ghostwriting, etc. I didn’t get any credit at all for ghostwriting, but I knew that going in. It was work and I got paid. I also write gardening and travel articles under a pen name of my own choosing for Demand Studios (a company that supplies articles to numerous websites), but you know, they pay for every single article. As for books that the publisher comes up with, I don’t do that, although I’ve heard about it too.


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