Mine is the Night

One of my favorite things to do is get lost in a good historical novel. I’m not sure why that is, since the novels I write are contemporary women’s fiction. I guess that like many of you I enjoy simply being a reader when it comes to some kinds of fiction. Of course, that’s not to say I can’t learn anything as a writer from an author like Liz Curtis Higgs who expertly weaves stories about women who are always intelligent, brave, and very human. I might also add that she writes about historical Scotland and every time I read her books, I get carried back to a land that I’ve been blessed to visit twice and am still in love with.

I just heard that Mine Is the Night, by Liz Curtis Higgs, is on the New York Times Best Sellers list and I’m not surprised at all. Mine is the Night is the follow-up novel to the equally well-written Here Burns My Candle. Both follow the Biblical story of Ruth, which I’ve always thought was one of the most intriguing romances in the Bible. I am so impressed by how Liz was able to weave one of my favorite stories into a fictional novel set in Scotland without ever drawing my attention to it.

The writing in Mine is the Night is so natural, yet a ton of research has gone into it. Her description of Scotland alone is more than just a setting, but brings Scotland alive with well-drawn characters and details that draw readers right into the world of Elizabeth Kerr, the main character of Mine is the Night

 This is one of those novels that a book review doesn’t really justify. The novel is so good because the author is a master at creating a world filled with fascinating characters and a plot that keeps you turning the page. I literally could not put it down. Only when my family made me did I set this lovely book aside to make dinner and tend to my family’s needs, all the while thinking of dear Elizabeth Kerr and wondering if she would ever find her own happy ending.


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