Courting Miss Amsel, by Kim Vogel Sawyer

If you are looking for a good historical romance filled with sweetness, faith and hope, read Kim Vogel Sawyer’s COURTING MISS AMSEL. I’ve had this book, which was given to me by the publisher, on my shelf for a few months and I feel terrible that I’m just now posting a review. That said, I’m glad I waited because this was the perfect summer read.

As she always does, this author surprised me with a character who has more grit and spunk than I am usually expecting from this genre. My favorite part of the book is the suffragette twist. You will know what I mean when you read it. Being from Wyoming, the first state to give women the right to vote, I already have a soft spot for books with a suffragist theme anyway, but I love how it was woven into this story in a surprising way that didn’t take over the love story itself. It really isn’t even the center of the novel, but it’s what stood out to me that made this book different from all the others.  

Here’s to Summer Romance!

A great summer read filled with love and faith from my sweet friend, Kim Vogel Sawyer.

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