A Surprise Visitor

A Common Nighthawk taking a rest in the Forkner backyard.
No matter how old I am, I get excited about seeing wildlife. In fact, maybe it is more meaningful as I get older and find myself spending more time in town and less in the outdoors. When I was a little girl, I was NEVER going to live in town. Having a cabin in the woods was all part of my plan, until the reality of work and life spoiled all that for me.
I love the town I live in and my family does visit the outdoors when possible, but not as often as we would like. That’s why spotting wildlife, like this Common Nighthawk, on our back deck is a real treat. I’m not sure how it came to be there. There was a storm just before it arrived, so maybe it spotted our trees and decided to rest for a while.
We watched it for a while before it flew to perch on the fence. We checked on it every now and then, amused and surprised that it found our backyard a save haven, until eventually we looked out and it was gone.  Being a writer, I should be using this example to offer you some sort of wisdom about storytelling, but I have nothing like that to offer. All I have is a sweet memory of a brief encounter with nature in the middle of my town life.

2 thoughts on “A Surprise Visitor

  1. What a sweet little bird. We take the common things for granted. For two days I’ve watched a little catbird enjoying his bath in the dog dish. I’m so glad I had water there for him. He is important to God just as we are.


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