The Liturgical Year

 Having grown up in a church that is Christian, but that doesn’t observe the tradition of Lent, I have always been curious about the ancient practice. When I was a child, virtually nobody I knew observed the custom, although of course we observed various aspects of the liturgical year. This year I decided to dig deeper.

I’ve always believed, and still do, that salvation is not found in works, but I’m still drawn to the idea of making a sacrifice for Christ out of reverence. It just so happened that just as I began asking questions about Lent, Thomas Nelson (a Christian publisher) offered copies of The Liturgical Year, by Joan Chittister, for blogger reviews. What perfect timing!

I’m still reading through my copy, but am finding the book to be a good resource for learning about Lent, as well as the full liturgical calendar. What I really like about it is the history the author gives, leading the reader to consider how we Christians of today are still observing the most ancient of practices in the Christian faith.

The Liturgical Year hits home the point, at least for me, that we have been on this pilgrimage with others for centuries. I find that fact inspiring and have found this book to be a big help as I look deeper into the liturgical year.


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