On Making It, And Not

My husband and I watched a profile of Dean Koontz on this past weekend’s CBS Sunday Morning show. Koontz said that his wife promised to support him for 5 years and that if he didn’t make it as a writer by then, his time was up. My husband thought this was a good idea and jokingly – or maybe not – said that since Ruby Among Us came out in 2008, I only have 2 years left. I say that since Ruby Among Us came out at all, I made it!

All joking aside, Ruby Among Us has been out for 3 years and Rose House has been out for 2. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Even if I haven’t truly “made it” by bestseller standards, it’s been a beautiful journey. It still is!

In case you missed my first novel, Ruby Among Us, I would love for you to read an excerpt here. Just click the link below, scroll down and click on the Excerpt link.

The same link will also lead you to a video interview with me about writing Ruby Among Us that really captures how inexperienced and green I was as an author. I don’t know if I should feel fondly about that video or embarrassed. Or maybe I can learn from it. I wasn’t the best speaker, that’s for certain, but I like how I was focused on one thing when that interview was filmed by my publisher: The writing.


Excerpt of Ruby Among Us

Have a wonderful week!


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