What Are You Just Dying To Read?

This is what I’m reading right now.

You must read this book. I’m a huge fan of Chris Fabry. Not only am I entertained by his stories as a reader, but as a writer I admire his skill and am inspired to push further in my own writing. Almost Heaven, which just won a Christy award, is boldly told from two different points of view: An angel and a very common, but exceptional human. When I started reading it I thought to myself, of course this is how the story has to be told. If anybody can pull it off, Chris Fabry can. Right now, I’m anxious to reach the end.

This is what I’m looking forward to reading.

Bret Lott (another one of my favorite authors) calls A Watershed Year, by Susan Schoenberger, “A well-told tale of life and death and the way, when we least expect it, love can encompass us roundabout….This is a brave and moving novel.”  

And this is what I’m just dying to read.

The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb, by Melanie Benajamin was just released this week and if you haven’t heard all the buzz about it, you must be trapped underneath your buckling bookshelf. The novel is narrative fiction based on the life of a real woman who was only 32 inches tall and how she made a very big mark on the world.

So there you have it. What are YOU reading or just dying to read?

6 thoughts on “What Are You Just Dying To Read?

    1. You are so welcome, Susan. I finished Almost Heaven (lovely) and I’m hoping your novel will be in my mailbox by the weekend! And thanks for following my blog. I’m honored. I wish I had time to update it more than weekly, but we can only write so many words a day. All the best.


  1. I just finished (in a weekend) Jane Kirkpatrick’s “The Daughter’s Walk” and it was wonderful! I highly recommend it!
    I am starting a non-fiction book – Carol Kent’s “When I Lay My Isaac Down” – to get ready to lead a small group through it.
    As I am contemplating starting back to school for a BA in creative writing at SNHU, I don’t expect I will be doing ANY reading for pleasure in the near future. Bummer!


    1. I didn’t realize Jane Kirkpatrick had a new one. I bet it was good. Good luck on all of your school reading! I’m impressed you are getting more education. Good for you!


  2. Thanks for stopping by, Ashley. I’ts difficult to get anything done when there are books I am dying to read.

    By the way, I just now popped over to your blog. Love it and congrats on your garden! My Zuchs got hammered by a recent hail storm.


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