My First eRead

My husband is the eReader type. Me? I like real books, the kind you can feel. I like holding a book in my hands, I love how it smells, and I love turning the page. I’ve never even thought of borrowing my husband’s eReader, until now.

Earlier this month I received a request to endorse a book, something a publisher does for a book about to release. My job is to read the book and if I love it, send an endorsement back to the publisher. These are the blurbs that readers usually see inside the book jacket. In the past, publishers printed the books out and shipped them to authors to read, but now they email them.

Normally, when asked to read a book for endorsement, I would ask a publisher to please send it to me in hard copy, so that I don’t have to read it at my PC. It’s one thing to sit in front of my PC and type, but it’s hard to kick back with a cup of tea when enjoying a book as it glows at me from a big monitor. I’ve always done requested that books for endorsement be mailed to me in the past and publishers have always seemed happy to oblige, but as I was just about to shoot off an email asking this publisher to do the same thing, I spotted my husband’s eReader on the corner of my desk. Shoot. My conscience screamed at me. How could I ask a publisher to print out a whole ream when I had access to an eReader? What a waste of paper!

Ack! I deplored the idea of reading a book on an eReader, no matter how big its praises. How could I given in like that? What to do, what to do? In the end I borrowed my husband’s eReader. I downloaded the file in pdf form and now that I’m into the book, I admit that using the eReader isn’t terrible. I like that I don’t need a lamp because the screen is lit up and that I can enlarge the font size, making my reading glass almost obsolete. Ah, but not completely. I still need them after staring at the screen for a long time, just like I still need real books.

I can see why so many people love the eReader, but when it comes to reading for pleasure, I think I’ll stick to real books. Call me old school, but I’m one of those people who will be clinging to books the way my mother clings to her vinyl records. I know I’m behind the times, but since I’m already late, why rush?

What about you? eReader or real books? Leave a comment.


7 thoughts on “My First eRead

  1. I hate to admit it, but I get all my books I buy in ereader format (iBooks primarily). I’m not really a big tree hugger, but it just seems silly as you pointed out to waste the paper if not necessary. I do like being able to enlarge fonts as I’m in my fifties and need reading glasses now.

    If I want the feel of a book, I still go to the library. This is great for two reasons. It’s a shared resource and I am not that into “collecting books”.


  2. I have an iPad and have several books on it. I have yet to read one of them! However, I also have the Bible on my SmartPhone and read it frequently. I am a solid book lover. I have the iPad so I can do some reading away from home. I was hoping to use it for textbooks, but thus far haven’t been able to.
    Ah well, it is re-purposed to take notes from meetings for work and to write on. LOVE that!


  3. My kindle has been great to have. Not only do I have my Bible downloaded onto it, but I have some great recipe ideas, many books, a couple of games, a dictionary and when I am reading something that I don’t understand, I can highlight the word and the definition will pop up. LOVE IT! However, once read off to archives it goes.

    However, I still have a stack of paper books that I need to read, and there are some paper books, that I really want to keep in my bookcase to “feel,” “look at”, etc. to recall the feelings I had when reading that book.


    1. Cindy: My husband has his Bible on his, as well.

      Cindi S.: Times are changing, aren’t they? I am enjoying the ease of reading my friend’s book for endorsement instead of lugging around a manuscript or my laptop, but as for books, I still prefer paper.


  4. It took me about 8 seconds to fall in love with the instant gratification of my Nook last year. My Kindle Fire was delivered TODAY. I’m hooked. (And I held off a long time too, thinking I was a book-only person!)


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