Book Contract for Debut Novelist: It Can Happen

Do you toil away at your writing, wondering if it is even possible for someone new to break into publishing? Maybe you have considered self-publishing because you have been told there is no way in to the big houses, or you’ve considered giving up all together because rejection after rejection has squelched the fire inside of you. Well, none of that is true. It IS possible to get a traditional publishing contract. All it takes is hard work, talent, patience, perseverance, and, of course divine intervention, and did I say hard work? But, it is NOT impossible. I am thrilled to introduce you to a writing friend who will be holding a real novel, her own, in her hands someday soon:

Amy Sue Nathan, Author

Congratulations to Amy Sue Nathan. Her book The Glass Wives, will release from St. Martin’s in 2013

Now I can say that I knew Amy when she wasn’t published. How exciting! I met Amy online a long time ago and over the years we have developed a friendship through the common bonds of writing, motherhood, and faith (She is Jewish and I’m Christian, but we still connect). I don’t remember when it was that Amy let me read a small portion of her novel, but I fell in love with it. The premise is so interesting that it has entered my mind at different times since then. I’ve really wanted to know how it ends. Now, like all of her friends, I am SO happy that I’m going to be able to hold her published novel in my hands while I read it. Of course, nobody is more excited than Amy is. Read Amy’s post to learn more about what it is like to get your first book deal:

Read Amy’s Announcement: What do a book deal, a whoopie pie and a bouquet of flowers have in common?

This past Summer, I was honored to have a guest post (Putting a Little Faith in Women’s Fiction) over at Amy’s amazing blog Women’s Fiction Writers. The site is an excellent resource for both published and unpublished writers. It is just like Amy to be doing something to connect published authors with their readers and aspiring authors, even as she dreamed of publishing her own novel.

Someday soon, we will all be able to return the favor. I’ll be inviting her to be a guest on this blog, so you can learn more about her and The Glass Wives. Until then, put her debut on your calendar. And be encouraged. Publishing dreams can come true.

Learn more about Amy at and be sure to visit her blog to learn more about writing women’s fiction and to read interviews with new and top women’s fiction authors. 


5 thoughts on “Book Contract for Debut Novelist: It Can Happen

  1. I joined Amy’s blog months ago and it’s a constant supply of inspiration to improve and keep moving forward with my writing goals. I couldn’t be happier for her success, well earned, most deserved and with the blessings of those she touches with her words and humor every tuesday! I will gladly spread the word about Amy and what’s she’s done for Women’s fiction.


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