Amy’s Mega Book Giveaway

Last year, author and reader, Amy Sue Nathan, launched a blog called Women’s Fiction Writers. Since then, she’s had a long list of guests at her blog that include career women’s fiction authors, as well as debut novelists. Cathy Lamb, Susan Schoenberger, Meg Waite Clayton, Therese Walsh, Shelly Bell, and Maureen Lipinski are just a few of the novelists she has had, and believe it or not, I was a guest on her blog last May.

Personally, I love the inspiration provided at Amy’s blog and today she celebrates her one year blogoversary. She’s giving away books and prizes from all of her guests. Click over to her blog for chances to win books from Amy’s guests. Yep, my books are in there, along with a whole list of women’s fiction novels and prizes donated from a long list of authors.

Amy Sue Nathan’s Blogoversary Party!

The deadline to enter is April 1st. While you’re there, make a note to watch out for Amy Sue Nathan who has become a contracted novelist herself in the last year.  Her debut novel, THE GLASS WIVES, will be published by St. Martin’s Press in Spring 2013.

Now go join the party!!

And be sure to check out all of the posts while you’re at it. There are numerous posts containing lots of great advice for aspiring novelists and some interesting stuff for readers who just enjoy reading about the writing process.

Good luck!


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