What Inspires You to Write?

“Is this a computer from the olden days?”

My daughter was pecking away at an old-fashioned manual typewriter that my daddy bought about forty-five years ago. Her words made me chuckle.

When I was a kid, I’d asked my parents why their typewriter didn’t have a plug. I’m sure they chuckled at that too, but one thing they never laughed about was my dream. They figured all I needed was a typewriter, so they gave me that old manual one to start out on. It still had some ink left on the old ribbon and it was my plan to use it to write my first book. Needless to say, it was slow going.

When I was sixteen, my parents gave me a typewriter that I could plug into the wall and finally I made some headway. What I wrote back then is now safely hidden away in a trunk somewhere, but it was at least a good start. Having an electric typewriter seemed to make a difference, at least as far as quantity, if not quality.

These days I write on a laptop; a pink laptop to be exact. My daughter thinks it is pretty cool, but not as cool as her grandpa’s old-fashioned typewriter. Times have certainly changed, but I finally did finish a book and got it published. Thanks to technology the actual typing didn’t take all that long and a laptop has a few things that a manual typewriter just can’t give an author during the editorial process: Track Changes and Email (for those long emails from your editor about how to make the book better!).

That antique typewriter my parents gave me all those years ago is still around. It holds a place of honor in close proximity to my pink laptop. Every time I see it, or tell its story to my kids, I remember how it inspired me to dream of being a writer.

It still inspires me.

What or who inspires you to write your story or pursue your own art?


Note: Thanks to author Jennifer Allee who invited me to be a guest on her blog awhile back. You can read this post over there, too, and be sure to check out her books and the rest of her blog.

7 thoughts on “What Inspires You to Write?

  1. Cindy: I love how you said that you want to write better than any of your favorite authors. That is really inspiring. Thanks for giving us another way to be inspired.


  2. I loved my manual typewriter! In high school, I used one that plugged in as well. In college, I was always one of the students who had the highest speed. I could type on that puppy like a whirlwind. But I have a lifelong relationship with my computer, and I’ll never part with it. Inspiration to write books first came from the fact I just wanted to do it better than any of my favorite authors. Don’t know if I ever will accomplish that, but I set the bar high, so I keep trying. Now I have fans who look for my work and encourage me to produce more. That’s what keeps me going.


  3. I started writing on a typewriter, too, and I still love the tap of an old-fashioned keyboard and the “ding” of the bell at the end of a line. And though editing is easier on a computer, I also miss the satisfaction of crumpling up my mistakes and tossing them over my shoulder for the cat to play with!


    1. I love the “ding” Joanne, and I also miss how the keys feel. Since it takes more energy to push the keys down, you really feel powerful, like you’re really doing something! 🙂


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