Hiring an English Major to Edit Your Book Is Cheating Yourself

I love this post from WFWA member over at Change It Up Editing on professional editing. Nothing personal to English Majors because I’m one too, but when it comes down to publishing you want the best editor possible. And this is the first time I’ve ever hit the reblog button, so I’m not sure how this works. Be sure to head over to Candace’s blog. -Tina

Change It Up Editing

I belong to a listserve of freelance editors, and I find the topics of conversation interesting and often thought-provoking. One recent ID-100146866topic that elicited many comments was about pricing the work we do.

The initial post was by an established and well-respected editor who wrote, “I recently was asked about my rates by someone at a local company who was looking for writing and editing help. She balked at my quote . . . Her response: < … we can find English majors for $10 to $15 [per hour] and many of them are quite good. >”

I get it; no one wants to spend more than necessary for anything—goods or services. I mean, if I can buy a knock-off designer widget that looks just like the brand-name widget, isn’t that a better value than buying the real thing just for the brand name? If I can get my next-door neighbor’s…

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2 thoughts on “Hiring an English Major to Edit Your Book Is Cheating Yourself

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Tina. As I wrote, I too am an English major—and it’s a great background for many careers, including editing—but there is so much more to editing than what one learns as an undergrad in an English literature program.


    1. I’m glad you don’t mind my sharing, Candace. The article jumped out at me because people have tried to hire me to edit things because I’m an English major, but I always say no. Even my own books need professional editing! I would never hire an English major, even though I am one. 🙂


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