Book Contracts: They Do Exist

A peek at my contract with Tule.

Over the past few years, my readers have asked when my next book is coming out. Well, I’m thrilled to let you know my third novel is coming out later this year. Yesterday I received my copy of a signed contract from Tule Publishing Group. I’ve included a picture above for curious readers, and I just want to assure you writing souls out there that no matter what you hear, book contracts still happen.

I couldn’t be more happy about having Tule as my newest publisher. Their authors are all fantastic writers and Tule publishes commercial fiction ranging from romance to chick-lit to compelling women’s fiction. That last part is where I come in. My novel from Tule will be in the Women’s Fiction genre, the same as before, so in case you were wondering, I’m not changing anything about how I write. I’m still me and I’m still writing novels about the complexity of families, intergenerational relationships, hope, self-acceptance, and of course a love story  for good measure.

I’ll let you know more details as I receive them from my publisher, but right now it looks like  my third book will be releasing in October of 2014. The only thing different about this one is that it’s going to be available exclusively as an eBook, so if you don’t have your eReader yet, you might want to  put that on your Mother’s Day Wish list. And if you want to learn more about my previous novels from Random House, they are still available. You can find information here on the site or just look them up on Amazon.

Thanks everyone, I have lots more to share with you, but it won’t all fit into one post. Until later, happy reading.




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