Bread & Butter: A Post In Which I Try To Convince You That A Bread Review Is Reading-Related Because I Like Free Bread

“You are the butter to my bread, and the breath to my life.” -Julia Child

The same grandma who inspired a habit of reading in me and contributed to my becoming the writer I am today, also instilled a love of home cooked meals and bread baking. When I was a kid, Grandma worked in my school’s cafeteria and one of her main responsibilities was to make rolls for the entire school. I’m not talking about opening packages of bread like they do today. I mean that she and the other cooks made bread from scratch in the school kitchen. The smell of bread baking never fails to take me back to childhood.

The two loves Grandma gave me go together quite nicely. No matter how my writing is going, cooking and baking allow me to create something with my hands that doesn’t include typing. Often the break that cooking gives me allows me the thinking time I need to solve my story problems, as well. So, when Canyon Bakehouse contacted me and asked if I would try their gluten-free bread and let my readers know how I liked it, my first thought was, “What does a bread review have to do with reading and writing?” And then I thought, “Is gluten-free bread even bread?” And finally, I thought, “Free bread! Sure. I’ll try it.”

First, I really do want this post to be writing related and so even if it looks like I’m just trying to bring in bread-related fiction in order to pull off a product review, I’m okay with that. Here is the latest book on my reading list. Its author,the talented Christa Parrish, is an award-winning novelist and I love her writing.  This beautiful novel is a Christy-award finalist and a Romantic Times Top Pick. If you’d like to pick up a copy of Stones for Bread, here it is:




Now, back to bread and free samples. When I received the samples from Canyon Bakehouse, I tried to imagine what Grandma would say about gluten-free bread. I have no idea what she would think if she were here to try it, but a search on Pinterest brought up all kinds of recipes and products that make gluten-free bread look  just like regular bread. As you already know since I’m writing this post, I went ahead and served the Canyon Bakehouse bread to my family to see what they thought.



Over all, they liked it, but some family members liked certain kinds of the bread better than others. Everybody agreed that the Rosemary & Thyme Foccaccia was awesome. It was by far the favorite and was moist and flavorful. My daughter loved it and asked me to buy some more, so I plan on doing that.




The next favorite was the Cinnamon Raisin. My grandma used to make raisin bread, so I wasn’t sure I would like it, but it turned out to be really good, especially toasted with a little bit of butter. One thing I noticed about all of the Bakehouse products, including the raisin bread, was how moist they were. I admit we were expecting the bread to be dry, maybe like cardboard, which wasn’t the case at all.




Canyon Bakehouse also let us try the 7 grain and the Hamburger Buns. They were good, as well, but the kids and my husband all liked the Focaccia and the Raisin the best.  If you want to find out more about the company and find a store near you, the site is: Come back tomorrow for a giveaway!! I’ll be hosting a contest for free bread from Canyon Bakehouse, as well as a Kindle copy of Stones for Bread.

The gluten-free lifestyle is all about doing what is best for our health and I’m all in for being healthier. I will buy the bread again, but for my family, gluten-free is something to add to our lifestyle, but not to completely replace bread. We love bread too much for that, but it’s nice to know that my original impression of gluten-free bread wasn’t on the mark. For my friends who have gluten-free allergies and health reasons forcing them to eat gluten-free, I would suggest Canyon Bakehouse. For my family, we’ll keep having a little bit of both.




And finally, since this is a reading-related site and the topic today is food, if you are one of those readers who love the combination of novels and food, here are a couple of links you might like:

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A coupon for Bakehouse Bread (Because who doesn’t love a coupon)

So, did it work? Are you convinced  that this post is reading-related? Even if you aren’t, I still want you  to know that the book Stones for Bread and the Canyon Bakehouse bread products are great. I recommend them both. Now, what about you?

What are you favorite foodie novels? And are you a fan of gluten-free? What other products can you suggest?

Don’t forget to visit my blog tomorrow to enter a contest for free bread from Canyon Bakehouse, as well as a Kindle copy of Stones for Bread.




2 thoughts on “Bread & Butter: A Post In Which I Try To Convince You That A Bread Review Is Reading-Related Because I Like Free Bread

  1. Well i certainly plan to try them. Your sunt linda does gluten free all the time. Good post. Thanks for the info


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