A Review: The Moon Sisters, by Therese Walsh


I remember when Therese Walsh’s debut novel The Last Will of Moira Leahy was released in 2009. It was wildly popular, but I was especially touched as a fellow author by the way Therese reached out to writers through her blog and writing community Writer Unboxed. She’s an inspiring person, besides being an excellent author, so I was thrilled to learn that she released The Moon Sisters a few months ago, just in time for me to download it on my new Kindle.

It isn’t often that a writer comes along who can draw readers in and write beautiful prose at the same time. Much of the time, authors are either great at writing beautiful prose or they are terrific at storytelling. Neither way is bad, but when an author is really great at both, a novel can really sing. That’s how Therese Walsh is, making The Moon Sisters a novel that drew me in and left me feeling reflective, touched, and hopeful. Her writing is beautiful and her characters, Jazz and Olivia, are real, honest, quirky, and even funny at times.

As an author myself, one of my favorite aspects of the novel was the thread about writing.  The mother of Jazz and Olivia was a writer and she struggled with being able to finish her story.  In so many ways it touched me. The longer I write, the more I understand just how much our personal lives affect our writing and this was how it was for the mother in The Moon Sisters.  I loved how effortlessly this thread in the novel was woven into the rest of the story, so that it wasn’t a novel about writing at all, but about relationships, unresolved conflict, and learning to let go of the past. I absolutely loved The Moon Sisters

Happy Reading!

– Tina

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