I Want a Longer Summer

It’s been tough to find reading time this Summer, but I managed to squeeze in some good reads in between working on my edits. I also fell in love with my eReader this Summer. I can read so much faster, and carry so many more books with me. How could I have ever thought digital books were so much different? Story is story!

Here’s part of my Summer list. You’ll see I was going for light and fun.



I loved this book! I don’t know why I didn’t make time for reading it sooner. Can’t wait to see how the movie measures up.


I am so lucky that I was able to read this just before it released. I highly recommend this one! Beautiful writing! I loved Susan’s first novel, A Watershed Year, too.


 I just couldn’t get enough of Jane!

download (1)

 This book is as adorable as the cover. Entertaining and fun.


You guessed it. More of Jane Austen.

 What about you? What books were on your Summer list? Did you get through them all?

One thought on “I Want a Longer Summer

  1. Really liked Hotel On The Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford, and The Scavenger’s Daughters by Kay Bratt. I do love your books also.


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