Another Day Closer to Publication

Dear Reader,

Every little step in the process of getting a new novel published is exciting. Earlier this week, my latest novel went up on NetGalley, a site for book reviewers to choose books they want to review. I’m so excited about this! Book reviews are a source of worry and excitement for authors, but we want it to happen. All in all, they are great for book sales and every author hopes their book will be reviewed.

And if that didn’t make the forthcoming publication of Waking Up Joy real, then seeing the ebook version up online where it can be pre-ordered did. I’m so excited! I hope you are too. Here are the links where you can pre-order the ebook now and have it delivered instantly on October 8th!

Amazon   Barnes and Noble  Kobo

I hope you like this story. It’s close to my heart! I know I say that about all my books, but this one really is special to me because it’s set in the place where I grew up.



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