A Guest Post at Women’s Fiction Writers

dsc_0084One thing I love as an author is writing guest posts for other blogs. I’ve been invited to post at a variety of other blogs lately, even though I will get back to blogging here when some of this book launch biz settles down. Until then, I want to share this guest post at Amy Sue Nathan’s Women’s Fiction Writers blog. Head over there to hear about how I transitioned from La Rosaleda (the fictional small California town in my first two novels) to Spavinaw Junction (the fictional small Southern town in my new novel, Waking Up Joy.) Amy Sue Nathan also just happens to be my editor for Waking Up Joy (Tule Publishing), which makes the post, the book, and just everything surrounding “Joy” even more special. Hear more about it over at Amy’s blog. Amy and I gave away copies of our books last week, but you can purchase Waking Up Joy, Rose House, and Amy’s novel The Glass Wives online wherever books are sold.

Another thing I wanted to share with you is about reviews. With the publication of Waking Up Joy, I’m doing my best to be neutral about reviews. I’ve learned from my past novels that book reviews are based on just one person’s opinion and as an author, you have to respect where the reviewer is coming from and remember that reviews are written for readers, not authors. That said, I’d be lying if I claimed that a glowing review of my novels doesn’t make me a little weak in the knees. There isn’t much better than when someone really  “gets” your book. This Review of Waking Up Joy from Autumn Blues Reviews is one of those reviews.

Happy Reading!




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