No Author is an Island: Thanks for the Mentions

We writers depend on many people to help get the word out about our books and I’d like to express my gratitude for the readers, reviewers, media outlets, and bloggers who are giving my books a chance and spreading the word. Thank you to my incredibly supportive readers, and thanks also to the following blogs and media outlets for showcasing Waking Up Joy. 

logoWAKING UP JOY was included on the 2014 favorites list from Chick Lit Central. After three published novels, two of them with a large publisher, this is my first end-of-the-year fiction favorite list that I’ve ever been on. I love Chick Lit Central for their great book selections and posts, and I’m honored and grateful to be included on their yearly list. Wow!






And just when I didn’t think life could get any better, WAKING UP JOY WAS listed on another 2014 Favorites list at Story Matters at another great blog all about books and authors. Again, I’m super excited and thankful. Check it out.







Finally, I’m getting around a little late, but since this ones still circulating out there in the print magazine, I wanted to mention that WAKING UP JOY is listed in the Ultimate December Book Guide in The San Francisco Book Review. Again, wow. I’m very flattered and grateful to be mentioned and hope this one caught/will catch some new readers who might want to meet Joy Talley.

San Francisco Book Review Ultimate December Book Guide



These are only a few of the many sites/media who have mentioned Waking Up Joy, but I’m grateful for anyone from the top bloggers to the reader standing by the water cooler during their break and sharing Waking Up Joy with their co-workers. No writer is an island. We couldn’t do this without the help of booklovers.

Happy Reading!


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