Waking Up Joy in Independent Bookstores and Libraries

Waking Up Joy, by Tina Ann ForknerWhen Waking Up Joy first released, I was grateful that my local Barnes and Noble rushed to get copies and even hosted a signing. I wish I could get it into every single bookstore, but I’m thrilled that it is finally making its way into more independent bookstores and libraries around the country. I am a huge supporter of Indie Bookstores and Libraries! Would you like for your library or independent bookstore to carry Waking Up Joy, so that your friends and community can read it too? All you need to do is ask. logo

Because my first novels, Ruby Among Us and Rose House, had the power of Random House and Waterbrook Multnomah behind them, they each enjoyed time in Barnes and Noble and are still in a few, but with Waking Up Joy, I went with a smaller independent press. As a result, I’ve enjoyed a tremendous amount of freedom, but because news spreads slow in publishing, not every store and library have heard of ‘Joy’ yet. That’s where my readers come in. You have a say! It is exciting that readers can now get to know authors better, and can even play a role in helping a book they love find even more readers.

If you would like to see Waking Up Joy in your local library or in your local independent bookstore, please suggest they carry some copies, so that other readers can hear about this book. Most stores and libraries appreciate hearing from their patrons about good reads.

I have great readers who have been hugely supportive of my latest book, and I have loved getting to know you.Thank you so much for spreading the word. I am so grateful. Some authors say they have the best readers, but I say that I do.

See some of my favorite readers here: Favorite readers, Author Friends, and Barnes and Noble

Happy Reading!


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