A Fun Giveaway Just for Book Lovers

**THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED. WINNER ANNOUNCED ON FACEBOOK** Let’s have a little pre-contest in anticipation of next week’s nine book giveaway with Wendy Paine Miller​, Susan Meissner​, Susan Schoenberger, Kim Boykin​, Steena Holmes​, Amy Sue Nathan​, Colleen Oakley​, Carla Stewart​, and myself. Just leave a comment here or over at my Facebook Author page. Prize is an eGift Certificate from Amazon for Ten Dollars. No hoops!

Easter gift

4 thoughts on “A Fun Giveaway Just for Book Lovers

  1. You have great ideas for promotion of your books. I wish I could have been included in the book give away even though I don’t fully understand it. Are you in Cheyenne? I have a book signing April 27-30 with the Wyoming Department of Aging and I need ideas to promote it.
    Betty Jean

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    1. I will see if I can make your signing Betty Jean. I am in Cheyenne. Just be creative and have fun with it, Betty Jean. Don’t be afraid to talk about your book and tell your friends about it. 🙂


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