A Thing of Beauty, by Lisa Samson

A Thing of Beauty

Last year, Author Lisa Samson announced to her readers that she planned to pursue a new career for her life, and that A Thing of Beauty would be her last novel. Her readers are loyal, me among them, so we understood and supported her as she explained her reasons, but I have to admit that my selfish side was sad. I don’t want her to stop! After reading A Thing of Beauty, my sadness that she has stopped publishing books is renewed. I hope that someday, Lisa gives her readers another book, if it is right for her.

Lucky for you, if you are a new to Lisa’s books, she has a ton of them and it will take you some time to get through the list. Until then, this one’s a good place to start. Here’s my review:

Lisa Samson has held nothing back with her novel, A Thing of Beauty. Born into the Hollywood world, Fia divorced her parents and tries to create a life without them, but she struggles to find happiness on her own. She is an artist who doesn’t get around to finishing her projects and her life is in disarray, and yet in the messy journey of her life she meets someone who sees her for who she really is. Fia’s story is so different from ours, blowing up our fantasies of the celebrity world, but as we get to know her we discover that she is as flawed as we all are. At times, her feelings and failures were so very real, I was moved to tears. Ultimately, Fia’s journey and the un-Hollywood like ending to her story brings hope and meaning to the reader. I loved this novel.

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