How Do Writers Overcome Writing Obstacles?

Southern Writers Magazine recently asked several writers how we overcame our biggest writing obstacle. My answer is quoted in the July/August 2015 Issue. They sent me this beautiful graphic to share with you, so I thought I would post it here. It also happens to be the magazine’s 4th anniversary celebration, so congrats Southern Writers! I’m proud to be mentioned in your magazine. Feel free to share the graphic, and I would love to hear how you overcome YOUR own obstacles.

Southern Writers Quote July - Tina Ann Forkner

2 thoughts on “How Do Writers Overcome Writing Obstacles?

  1. I feel the same, Tina. It’s difficult to measure yourself as a writer when you’re not even sure where you fit. I’m currently trying to redefine myself as a writer. Hopefully I’ll emerge from this metamorphosis a better individual and a better writer. Your books are awesome!

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