My Very Best Friend, by Cathy Lamb: A Review

cathy lambI am a brand new fan of Cathy Lamb. I’ve always heard about her books and meant to read her, but MY VERY BEST FRIEND is the first novel I’ve read of hers. Now, I’m hooked.I loved the beauty of the setting, the Scottish town, the vibrancy of the characters, and the way the story carried me forward.

I absolutely loved the main character, Charlotte. The things she said and did were too hilarious to be real, and yet I could relate! I loved how Charlotte’s thoughts ran unchained through her mind even though she censored them before she spoke, and sometimes she didn’t. Those were my favorite times.

As for the love story component, by the end of the novel I was in love with Charlotte’s childhood friend Toran too, or I would have if I were a book character. I also loved the ladies from the gardening society. They made me want to pick up the phone and call my own very best friend, which I did.

The book wasn’t all fun and humor, of course. Lamb tackles some important social topics with grace and insight. I loved the underlying mystery and intrigue and hated for this story to end. I cried my way through part of it and laughed through the rest. What a beautiful story. I’m so glad I’ve finally discovered Cathy Lamb’s writing.

3 thoughts on “My Very Best Friend, by Cathy Lamb: A Review

  1. I am almost done reading this book! I agree with everything you’ve said about it – it’s made me laugh, cry, ponder, and always be eager to pick it up to read some more. I’ve never read anything by this author before but I will definitely be searching for more Cathy Lamb books in the future!

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