The Good Neighbor, by Amy Sue Nathan

Amy Sue NathanI’ve known Amy Sue Nathan forever, or at least it seems like I have. When I first “met” her online, she was a single mom blogging through life and I was only on the verge of being published. When we try to figure out what year we started corresponding, we can never exactly figure it out. It doesn’t matter anyway. What matters is that we became dear friends and have kept in touch for about a decade. We are both published novelists now and are both part of the Tall Poppy Writers. Amy is also an editor (She edited my book WAKING UP JOY) and is the owner of the award-winning Women’s Fiction Writers blog,  She is a true encourager of other writers, a champion of women’s fiction, and an amazing novelist in her own right. I’m thrilled to tell you about her second novel, THE GOOD NEIGHBOR. It is delightful. Learn more about her at, but first read this.

THE GOOD NEIGHBOR, by Amy Sue Nathan:


I absolutely love this book! From the moment I met the main character Izzy Lane, I fell in love with her funny personality and was drawn into her heartfelt journey of motherhood, friendship, and love.

Izzy is a writer, a blogger to be exact, and she is good at giving sage advice to others through her posts, but when she invents a boyfriend to blog about, her personal life collides with the fantasy love life she has created online.

Set in Philadelphia, Amy Sue Nathan brings Izzy’s charming neighborhood to life. The title, The Good Neighbor, is perfect, but you will have to read this novel yourself to find out why.

This compelling story will make readers laugh, cry, and nod their heads as Izzy navigates the hilarious predicament she finds herself in. How she finds her way out, finally finding her true self, is the beautiful part of the book. In Izzy, we are inspired to better see ourselves. Like us, she is a little bit imperfect, a little big goofy, and still, her life is beautiful. The Good Neighbor is funny and wise.

*Buy your copy of The Good Neighbor and her first novel, The Glass Wives, wherever books are sold.

Happy Reading!






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