Thought I Knew You, by Kate Moretti

thought i knew you

Kate Moretti’s novel, I Thought I Knew You, utterly captivated me. A story about a woman derailed, Claire experiences an abrupt loss of her husband who never returns from a business trip. Now the wife of a missing person, Claire climbs up out of her shock and grief and begins to search for him, but along the way she finds clues that suggest her husband wasn’t the man she thought him to be.

Although Claire struggles with answers to her questions, she doesn’t stop searching and in doing so she learns some things about herself that she’d kept buried throughout her marriage. All the while, Claire is also fighting to protect the feelings and future of her two young daughters, wrestling with her growing attraction for her best friend, Will, and a heartfelt desire to do the right thing even as it becomes more and more possible that her husband may never return.

I turned the pages quickly, waiting for the shocking twist, and when it came I loved it. This novel is beautiful, asking the question of what love really is and answering by delving deeply into human emotion and surprising us with the truth, even thought it makes perfect sense.

Highly recommended!


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