Meet the Grove Girls: Favorite Books

This is a great site featuring some of my friends. You might like to check them and their books out!

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On occasion there’s an extra Tuesday or Thursday in the month, and we decided this would be a great time to have a conversation about some of our favorite things. We’d love to learn more about your favorites, too! So be sure to leave a comment chiming in with your favorites.

Since we’re authors, we thought we’d start with favorite books. I think most of us would agree that the Bible is a favorite. Some parts more than others, but still a book we each cherish. We’re diving a little deeper and hope you enjoy this look at some of our favorite books.

Without further ado, here are the Grove Girls favorite books of all time (other than the Bible):

Melissa: This is crazy hard for me and I’m honestly not sure I can pinpoint just one. But a book that I read over and over as a kid…

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