The Magician’s Lie, a Magical Tale

I love to offer a brief review of the books I’m reading whenever I get the time to post, and this one captivated me.

magicians lie

THE MAGICIAN’S LIE, by Greer Macallister is my latest read, and I loved it. The book starts with one of Arden’s most amazing illusions followed by a murder, and from that moment on, the reader is mesmerized by the Amazing Arden’s magical tale.

The Amazing Arden is a famed illusionist, a rare position for a woman, and it gives her a greater sense of  independence that other women of her time don’t enjoy. As her unique profession helps her gain more freedom, her main purpose for pursuing a career as an illusionist is to escape her  troubled past. Unfortunately, Arden is unwittingly laying the groundwork for her own prison. If the past catches up with her, no illusion can help her escape.

I couldn’t put this one down until I found out what happens to the amazing Arden, a character I found to be sympathetic and vulnerable while amazingly brave.

If you loved Water for Elephants, you will love The Magician’s Lie. I highly recommend it.

Happy Reading!


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