Heartrending & Powerful: The Far End of Happy, by Kathryn Craft

kathrynWhat a lovely, heartrending, powerful, and important novel Kathryn Craft has written. The Far End of Happy is the first book I’ve read in 2016 and now every book I read for the rest of the year will have to measure up. I’m telling you, it won’t be easy.

I knew that The Far End of Happy dealt with depression and the topic of suicide when I started it, so I admit that a tiny part of me was reticent to get going. My worries were completely unfounded. Craft takes a very difficult topic, one that she knows about firsthand, and brings it home to the reader with a gentle, but honest message that was both jolting and freeing to read about. Don’t we all have questions about such difficult topics and are afraid to ask them?

Sometimes there are no answers, but that doesn’t mean we should avoid looking for them. Kathryn Craft holds your hand with every page as we search for them in The Far End of Happy, revealing truths that are her own, but that are given to us a chapter at a time through an utterly compelling fictional tale that prompts the reader to keep turning the page.

A jolting, but beautiful story of the human spirit that will inspire you to find hope and to wrap your arms more tightly around the ones you love.

Purchase: The Far End of Happy

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