Books by Tall Poppy Writers Available to Review on NetGalley

Tall Poppy netgalley January

Attention Reviewers and Bloggers! The Tall Poppy Writers have several authors with Spring releases that are up on NetGalley for a limited time. If you are a reviewer or blogger with a NetGalley account, you can request copies of these upcoming books for review on your blog, bookstore sites, and other book review outlets. If you are a reviewer and don’t have an account, I highly recommend that you sign up. Here is a list of upcoming books and their links on NetGalley.

The Choices We Make, by Karma Brown

Love, Luck, & Lemon Pie, by Amy E. Reichert

Island in the Sea, by Anita Hughes

The Real Thing, by Tina Ann Forkner

A Cowboy’s Claim, by Marin Thomas

Lies and Other Acts of Love, by Kristy Woodson Harvey




7 thoughts on “Books by Tall Poppy Writers Available to Review on NetGalley

  1. Hi Tina, I have requested two of these titles through NetGalley but was declined. Since then, I have started writing for a blog (it isn’t my blog but I am a contributor). Is there a way to ‘re-request’ the two books that I was declined on? The one book that I requested after my profile was changed was accepted so i think that my new profile might make a difference in the other two. Thanks (Sue Roberts


    1. Hi, Susan. Each of the publishers is different. You could try contacting the author individually through their website or Facebook and let them know, or try to request again. I’m not sure if NetGalley lets you do that, or if they give you a chance to send a message to the publisher. There are often other chances to get an ARC to review, so I would start with letting the author know you are interested. They might send you to their publicist. Happy Reading! And thanks for being interested in Tall Poppy books. The authors have a lot of books for your to-read list.


  2. Hi! So I am very interested in reviewing a certain book here. I have a book blog where I post reviews of books I have read. I requested a copy on Netgalley but was declined. This book is from a favorite author and I would really love to review this book. Is there another way besides Netgalley than I can review it? Thank you! Natalie

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