Opening Belle: A Review

belleI finished Opening Belle, by Maureen Sherry, and wanted to take a moment to let you all know that if you loved, Working Girl and Nine to Five, this is better, and with a modern Wall Street twist.

Delivered with what at first seems to be a light-hearted and humorous look at gender politics on Wall Street, Opening Belle soon takes on a more intelligent tone as the story tackles universal issues of corporate  discrimination, motherhood, and at the very heart of the story, a woman’s right to live her life without having to worry about how she is perceived at the office, or anywhere else.

The main character, Isabelle, is driven, dedicated, and would be an inspiration to any woman, or man, who wants to make it to the top in their career, but she’s vulnerable too. Her efforts to hold it all together are extremely relatable for any woman who has ever worked in a male dominated job, but especially for one marreid with children. Isabelle struggles as any real woman would and the way she handles things sheds humor, and light, on some very important working woman issues that ultimately touch upon the struggles of any woman trying to hold it all together, no matter her career.

While Isabelle’s story tackles corporate politics, it is really about her personal journey. For this reason, I think there is a little bit of Isabelle in all of us. As she struggles to fit all of the pieces of her life together, we can’t help but root for her.

Women will appreciate this entertaining story for its smart, realistic, and humorous examination of what it is really like to juggle work life with a home life. In the end, what Isabelle finds will touch the hearts of anyone who has ever wanted to have it all, but the biggest question of all might be, what is “all,” and do we want it?

Inspiring and affirming to women, Opening Belle is delightful, smart, and witty.

Happy Reading!


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