When THE REAL THING Comes Along

Do you ever feel like the wait between books by your favorite authors takes way too long? Well, rest assured, authors feel the same way. By the time we have the idea for a story, put in hours and hours of writing time, edit it, send it to the publisher, edit it some more, send it back to the publisher for production, and finally the book’s release day arrives, the author has usually moved on to the next story.

I’ve been waiting a long time for THE REAL THING to release, and so have many of you. I’ve tried not to barage you with my excitement because, well, it just reminds you that you have to wait for it. Now that April 7th is just around the corner, I’m happy to tell you that it can be pre-ordered in digital AND print at any store. Here’s a link:


The Real Thing Erika Marks

In other exciting news, readers can get the digital version of WAKING UP JOY free for a limited time. Yes, Free. Consider this my gift to you for having to wait so long between novels. If you have been wanting to share ‘JOY’ with a friend, this would be a good time to gift it to them, or if you want to own the paperback and ebook both, now it’s more affordable. And if you have never read WAKING UP JOY, then this gift is meant for you. This is only for a limited time, so don’t miss out if you are interested!


Wake Up to Spring Reading with Tina Ann Forkner's novel, Waking Up Joy

If this is your first visit and you stopped by to learn more about my books, welcome. You can learn more here: Tina’s Books 

Have a joyful day, everyone. And Happy Reading!


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