Spring Fiction Recommendations and a Review of Island in the Sea, by Anita Hughes

There are some fantastic new releases today that I want to let you know about. I only just discovered Weina Dai Randel when she became a Tall Poppy Writer, an author group I am also a member of. She’s having a double Spring release that is the talk of the publishing world this week. Her novel The Moon in the Palace released in March, and readers won’t have to wait any longer since The Empress of Bright Moon released yesterday. Kirkus reviews called her first novel “Lyrical and intriguing.” I can hardly wait to get started reading Weina’s books.

The other book releasing this week is from Kristy Woodson Harvey, another Tall Poppy Writer. Lies and Other Acts of Love is a fantastic read that I already had a sneak peak at and fell in love with. This one has to go in your beach bag. A heartfelt intergenerational tale of mothers, daughters, and grandmothers, you will love it too. Author Ann Garvin says Lies and Other Acts of Love is “…sweet as sweet tea on the outside and strong as steel on the inside.” I would agree and will tell you more in a future post, but you don’t have to wait any time to read this book filled with Southern charm. It releases today!


Review of Island in the Sea:

The book I recently finished is Island in the Sea, by Anita Huges. Yes! She’s a Tall Poppy too. The best thing about being a Tall Poppy Writer is that I’ve discovered a ton of new favorite authors who write fantastic ficiton. Anita Hughes’ book, Island in the Sea, is a compelling and romantic beach read that swept me away to the warm weather and delectabale restaurants of Majorca with its main character, Juliet.

Juliet is a young professional working in the music industry sent to Majorca to wrangle a middle-aged songwriter named Lionel whose inspiration and creativity has dried up. His music contract and Juliet’s career both depend on his next album, but he seems lost in the past and unable, and unwilling, to move on.

In the meantime, Juliet has to wait for Lionel to produce something worth recording, and with encouragment from Lionel she ventures out in Majorca to forge new friendships and maybe even find a new chance at love.

The sweet twist of an ending of this story made me want to pick up more Anita Hugues novels, especially if they all sweep me into a romantic world that lets me get lost in an intriguing setting like Juliet’s Majorca. Pick this one up as soon as you can. It releases next week!

(Find out more about Tall Poppy Writers.)

Happy Reading!


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