Nashville by Heart: How I Came to Write a Sweet Romance


A few years ago, I was visiting my sister, Cheri, in Tennessee and we were sitting around having a glass of wine and talking about romance novels and music. My sister loves romance novels and has always tried to get me to write one, and as you can see by the cover of my upcoming novel, she finally convinced me.

I consider most of my stories to be Women’s Fiction, but my readers have always told me they love the romantic elements in my novels. Generally, my books have drama and deeper themes and those elements are what make the books fall into the General Fiction or Women’s Fiction categories, but I have learned over the years that I care less what my stories are called and more about what my readers like.

My sister and I were chatting about all this, as well as about her years in Nashville, and we thought, how fun would it be if I just wrote an actual romance novel about Nashville? So, I wrote a Sweet romance about Nashville, just for fun, and Velvet Morning Press decided to publish it.

I wanted to write this for my readers in between my other novels. I hope Nashville by Heart gives my readers a fun little diversion as you wait for another Women’s Fiction novel from me. Don’t worry, I haven’t given up on my more dramatic storytelling, but I wanted to try something different and had a great time doing it. It is a Sweet romance, which means it isn’t steamy, but it is still a fun romp.

Author Joanne Kennedy says it’s, “…sweet, wild, and a little bit crazy, with a loving heart…”

If you are curious and want to pre-order, it’s up in digital here (Print version to come when it releases July 5th):

If you are a reviewer, you can find Nashville by Heart on NetGalley through the month of May.

I had a great time writing Nashville by Heart for my readers and I hope you have just as much fun reading it.

Happy Reading!




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