I Believe in Nashville (Nashville by Heart!)


My sister and I were having a great time running around Nashville to promote my latest novel, Nashville by Heart. Cheri, who lives in Tennessee and worked in Nashville for a decade before taking a quieter job to benefit her childrens’ schedule, took me around town and to see the I Believe in Nashville mural in 12South. It’s impossible not to feel affection for Nashville when you see it, not to mention patriotic. The mural is by street artist Adrien Saporiti and you can read about him in this article in The Tennessean. His work has been highlighted basically everywhere, including The Wall Street Journal and GQ.

Little Things


Directly across from the I Believe in Nashville mural was this pretty blue and white striped wall we thought was great for a selfie. My sister has her own amazing Nashville story and while it might not be the easy reading happily ever after story in Nashville by Heart, it’s beautiful and full of hardwork, love, and motherhood. She’s my hero and I have her to thank for my being an author because she introduced my first novel to an agent almost ten years ago. You can read about that in this months Southern Writer’s Magazine if you’d like.


And here is the book! I’ve had the most fun with this one from the writing to the promoting of it. Now, the reading of it is up to you.

With Love,


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