Ruby Among Us – #1 Amazon Best Seller

Recently my 2008 debut novel, Ruby Among Us, became a #1 Amazon Best Seller in digital during the first week of July. This was a complete surprise to me, as I was focused on the release of Nashville by Heart, which came out July 5th of this year. I haven’t even had time to share the good news, so here I am sharing it now in case you want to add it to your reading list. Thank you to everyone who downloaded the novel! I am so grateful.

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A fun fact about Ruby Among Us is that when I was preparing for a publisher presentation where important Random House people were waiting to meet me, I broke my toe. I showed up at the meeting carrying one of my high heels in one hand. True story!

Ruby Among Us: A Novel, by Tina Ann Forkner


Another fun fact is that Ruby Among Us was kindly endorsed by singer Jordin Sparks. Celebrity endorsements don’t usually turn a book into a bestseller like you might think, but I thought it was nice of her to take time to read the book and provide some kind words. And who knows? Maybe her words did help it become an Amazon Best Seller. It could be true. Anyway, this is what she said:

“Reading is a passion of mine, and when I find myself identifying with the characters, anxious to get to the next page to find answers to my questions, I know I’m into a good book! The daughter-mother-grandmother theme in Ruby Among Us pulled me in. Wonderful story-telling.”Jordin Sparks


One more time, if you are one of the readers who downloaded Ruby Among Us and helped it hit #1 on Amazon, thank you! You might be interested to know there is a book two called Rose House, just in case you want to add it to your list, as well.

I hope you all are having a great Summer.

Happy Reading!



2 thoughts on “Ruby Among Us – #1 Amazon Best Seller

  1. Tina, I just finished Ruby Among Us. I found it pulling me in more and more by the page. Just one tiny detail though—when you wrote about Lucy playing the piano at an event, you wrote that she played “Beethoven’s Fifth”. And you wanted music and the arts as one of your themes! Please do more fact checking, bc Beethoven’s Fifth was written for a symphony orchestra, not piano!!! Pianists do not play it! They would play his Sonatas, like the “Pathetique” or “The Hunt” for example. For an art exhibit, they might play also some Chopin or Bach.
    Anyway, I loved “Ruby”. It brought tears and touched my heart with its message of dedication, truth, grace and forgiveness.

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    1. Laura, Yes! You are correct. A total beginner’s mistake. Only one other person has ever noticed in all the eight years the book has been out and she was a piano teacher, so I am very impressed that you noticed. You must play the piano. Sometimes things make it past the editorial stage and after the books are printed up, it is impossible to go back and correct, especially with a publisher the size of Random House. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the story and that you stopped by.

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