How My Garden Grows and Ideas Germinate

FullSizeRender (1)

I’ve had prettier pictures of my garden than the one above, but the shabbiness of this one is really more representative of my garden than one worth framing. This year has not been good for my garden. I always love traveling from my home in Wyoming down to visit my family in the South, but my garden has paid the price more this year than ever. You just can’t leave a Wyoming garden to fend for itself.

My writing has suffered a smiliar lot as my garden. I’ve been spending so much time traveling that I haven’t been tending my pages. I managed to work the promotion of my new releases, Nashville by Heart and The Real Thing, into my travels, especially when I was visiting Nashville, but I didn’t write regularly. Like my garden, I let it go, all except for a few ventures through the gate to see what might still be surviving.

Good news! There were survivors in my garden! Mostly in pots on my back porch. I have tomatoes and herbs. And the perennial flowers made a beautiful show despite the neglect of travel and life that caused me to all but abandon them. And glory be, the same thing has happened with my writing. I haven’t sat down and written a new novel yet, but I’m peeking in through the weeds to see what’s still growing in there.

You know what? There are some ideas that germinated and survived the neglect as I ran off and abandoned fiction world to live my real life. I’ve spotted some new characters growing among the weeds and they’re just waiting for me to pluck them up and put them in a story.

(Whoa. I just got a creepy picture in my head of little people growing among the weeds. THAT is not the kind of books I write.)

I’m constantly amazed at how my garden manages to grow something even when life gets away from me. If I leave it be, it’ll still have its own kind of beauty. Even so, I’m going to have to get out there and pull all those weeds if I want my tomatoes to survive. I guess I’ll go rescue all those little people too.

Happy Reading & Writing!


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