Dear Readers, Remember When We First Met?

Dear Readers,

Remember when we first met? For some of you who were around when my first book came out, social media was brand new and we still did old-fashioned things like write letters and send cards. I found some of those in a drawer today and they were from a couple of you. It warmed my heart to see pen on paper from real readers. In fact, it did more than warm my heart. It reached deep down into my insecure writer’s soul and bloomed just like the beautiful rose that one of you drew on the thank you card.

These cards, sent to me about my very first novels, reminded me of how it felt back when my books first met readers. Before that time, they were solitary stories, just pages in a drawer. I was the only one who ever read them and it was just me, the page, and my characters. That was a pretty great time when it was just me writing a story with no pressure, but when you, my readers, met my characters, something happened. I always knew those stories were meant for you.

Coming out of  hiding and sharing my work with readers wasn’t nearly as painful as I expected. You have never put any pressure on me and many of you even stuck around during the little break I took in between books. The only pressure I ever feel has to do with the work of marketing books and staying on top of the business of writing. I would much prefer it be just you, me, and the page, but being published is a responsibility even if I wish I could hide away all day writing stories for you.

You make it easier, though. You are the ones who inspire me to go back to the page every day. When I wrote my first book, I had no idea who would ever read it, if anyone. Now that we’ve met through my stories, I have you to think about with each page I write.

Finding those cards made me a little bit sentimental, so this note is really nothing but a note back, not only to the readers who sent those cards, but to each and every one of you for picking up my books.

Thank you, readers. I can’t adequately explain to you how grateful I am for each and every one of you, even if we’ve never met in person.

Happy Reading,


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