A Publishing Confession at Women’s Fiction Writers Blog

I have a newamy-sue-nathan post over at Women’s Fiction Writers, and I have to tell you that when I first approached Amy Sue Nathan with the post, I was a little bit nervous about how transparent I’d been in the piece. For one thing, my friend Amy Sue Nathan is an editor (she’s edited a few of my books, as well), a writer and instructor for Writer’s Digest Magazine, and an author in her own right of The Glass Wives and The Good Neighbor, not to mention that she runs the award-winning blog, Women’s Fiction Writers. Her opinion matters to me for obvious reasons.

The importance of sharing my piece with Amy aside, I was mainly nervous about the audience of the piece. Would other writers rally around the idea, or would they ask, why in the world is this author putting these ideas out there for the public to see? And of course there was the fear that maybe I was the only one struggling. Thank goodness, I was wrong.

When I first wrote the piece called “A Publishing Confession: I Want to Make Money,” I directed it at other writers and had not planned on sharing it here. It has been posted for ten days now and the response has been great. Many of my readers found it anyway and shared it, so I decided to share it here, after all. I want to be honest with my wonderful readers about what being an author is really like. Here is the link to the post on Women’s Fiction Writers:

A Publishing Confession: I Want to Make Money

I hope a little bit of the article makes sense, and that after reading it, you’ll know just how much I, and all authors, really love writing stories for you. Thank you for being such great readers of my books, and of all books. You are appreciated more than you know.

Happy Reading!




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