I Wish I Could Bookmark These Pages

dsc_0328-copyCan someone please tell me how to pause my daughter’s senior year? This season in her life, in my life as a mom, is going by so fast! I just want to hang on to every day, but the days are spinning by faster than the leaves changed color and fell from the aspens this year.



Over the years I’ve tried to capture her in stories, images of characters that in my mind are really her, such as a few of Ruby’s scenes as a little girl in Ruby Among Us, and more recently, Ruthie in Waking Up Joy (you knew it because of the hair, right?). The problem is that like unlike those stories, the pages of her life keep turning no matter how many times I try to bookmark them. And yet, it’s such a happy time too.


I love seeing her move on her journey, heading to wherever and whatever God has planned for her story. Still, my momma’s heart skips a beat each time I think about this being the last time for this and for that, and I can’t help feeling like the pages are now turning all on their own. Before, when she still needed me for a lot more things than she does now, God let me have a hand in writing her story, but now, she gets to be the author of her life. It’s hard to pass on the pen, but I can’t wait to read the rest of her story.

(Photos are all taken and copyrighted by Tina Ann Forkner 2016: Hannah and her sweet best friend, Rachel.)

7 thoughts on “I Wish I Could Bookmark These Pages

  1. beautiful pictures.

    my middle son is in his senior year, too. oldest is a junior in college. youngest is in 6th grade. I wish I could tell you how to bottle it up, but I haven’t figured it out, yet.



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