Life is Beauty

I thought about doing a little bit of photo editing before posting this picture, or not posting it at all, but I decided to go with it — shiny face, awkward smile, and all. That goofy look on my face says, “Yes, I am her mom and I’m so proud!”

I have tons of pictures like this one that I don’t usually post, because, I admit it, I don’t want a bad picture of myself out there any more than anyone else. It’s crazy, isn’t it? Why do we want to edit our lives and show the world a different story than we are actually living? dsc_0746When I look at this picture, I think, who cares what I look like when I’m next to my smart, beautiful, and talented daughter? The last thing I want is for her to think that how she looks in her picture is more important than her amazing life, but it’s a message she receives from media every day. According to my mom it might be worse now due to social media, but it has always been that way.

Recently, Mom and I had a lengthy discussion about whether or not to post a certain picture of her on Facebook. I thought it was a beautiful picture of her while she thought it was unflattering. Then, she finally said, “Oh, just put it up. Life is too short.”

Mom decided that how she looked in that picture didn’t even matter. She joked about how she was okay that she would never look like a young woman again, but friends, I don’t want her to look like that again. I look at her and I see wisdom, experience, and a beautiful life, and when I look at my daughter, I see youth and a world that is wide open to her. There is nothing more beautiful to me than my mom and my daughter. Their beauty is inside and out.


So, why do we beat ourselves up about our looks? We should be praising the fact that as we age, we finally see what is most important, and that every little line or imperfection represents a beautiful path in this life that we get to live.

Thanks, mom for reminding me of this. I can’t promise I won’t always care what I look like, and I know you can’t either, but we can try to remember what’s most important and that our beauty comes from a life lived and not the loss of our youthful looks.


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