Tall Poppy 2017 Reading Challenge


I’m so excited about the Tall Poppy 2017 Reading Challenge. There are so many Tall Poppy books I have not had time to get to yet and this is the perfect opportunity to read as many as possible. There are so many I want to read that I won’t get through them all, but I’ll make a pretty big dent in my list by going through this challenge.

I hope you will join me and the Tall Poppy Writers for this challenge! I’ll be updating you of my progress in future posts, but here is the goal list to get us all started. Please leave a comment if you are participating!

  • A 2017 release by a Tall Poppy Writers (TPW) author. Click here for a list of Tall Poppy authors.
  • A 2016 release by a TPW author.
  • A TPW book you chose because of its cover.
  • A TPW book that you chose because of the title.
  • A TPW book you’ve had on your TBR list for over a year.
  • A book recommended by a TPW author. We’ll be launching a Thursday #Pre-FridayReads column to help with this pick. 
  • A book on the backlist of a TPW author.
  • A book by a new-to-you TPW author.
  • A book by a TPW author in a genre you don’t usually read.
  • A book by an author who wrote a blurb for one of your favorite TPW authors.

What’s on your TBR pile?


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