Gardening & Books

My garden, as imperfect as it is, is probably the best place I have to be creative. Growing a novel is a whole lot harder than growing a garden, so gardening is a break for me. Also, with a garden I get faster results! I still make mistakes, plants die, weeds sometimes take over, but I am not nearly the perfectionist in the garden as I am when writing a book. I have even written about gardeners in my books, including Kitty who grows lush gardens in Ruby Among Us and La Rosaleda SeriesGillian’s mom who grows beautiful flowers on her front porch in Nashville by Heart, and I admit I’m not as meticulous as those characters would have to be in order to have their results. 

9781400071739Any gardeners out there? What are your best backyard gardening tips? Favorite gardening books? My favorite gardening book is Digging In, by Robert Benson. It’s more philosophical and less how-to, but I find it inspiring.





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