The Truth About Thea: A Review


This is Amy Impellizzeri’s best novel yet! I loved Lemongrass Hope and was hoping for another story from Impellizzeri with as many twists and turns. I got them, and more.

Set mostly at Juniper Lane, a treatment center for addiction, Thea discovers that the people in her support group might have a bigger impact on her life than she expected when a judge first sentences her to spend time there. Not a drug addict herself, Thea’s other addiction, if it really is one, is quite different and intriguing, inviting the reader into the web of deceit that Thea has made a career out of up until now.

There were many times in this novel when I thought I had the plot figured out, only to be surprised as the characters’ lives intermingle and shed light on the truth. The Truth About Thea is well-written, engaging, and intense.

The Truth About Thea is out now, wherever books are sold. Be sure to grab a copy!

Highly recommended!


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