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Save an Author, Read Local

National Dayof Prayer

Do you know who your local authors are? There is a good chance that a published author lives in your community. In my own community of Cheyenne everyone knows about C.J. Box, but Cheyenne friends, did you know there are other nationally-known (and internationally-known) authors here, as well, including Amanda Joy Cabot, Joanne Kennedy, Mary Gillgannon, and ahem, Tina Ann Forkner? And that’s not even counting the Indie authors who have cropped up in the last few years. In the name of literacy, local authors need you to know about and talk about our books.
We authors know without a doubt that local readers are often the most supportive, so if you know who we are, you can help spread the word. We would also love for you to read our books!
You can almost always find our books at online stores or order them from stores near you. And don’t forget the champion of local authors everywhere, your local library. We just want you to have access to our stories and to know we are here in your own communities.
Authors rarely talk publicly about the difficulties of trying to reach readers in today’s complicated publishing industry, but privately we are saddened by how few books the stores are able to carry anymore. That means you might not be hearing about our books very often, and possibly not at all.
Consider replacing a couple of your weekly lattes with a book by a local author that you’ve been meaning to buy, online or in-person, or purchase a book by a new-to-you author you’ve never tried before.
Please support your local authors by reading their books and spreading the word in your communities, and beyond.
Happy Reading!
Tina Ann Forkner, Author

The Real Thing Goodreads Giveaway


I’m so excited that Tule Publishing is giving away 20 copies of my novel, THE REAL THING over at Goodreads! Be sure to sign up for a chance to win a copy, and don’t forget to add it to your reading list, as well.

Enter the Giveaway: bit.ly/TheRealThingGR

Buy the Book: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1944925058

Happy Reading!




The Goodbye Year: A Reader Recommendation

26591934I put off reading this book because I’ve been going through multiple goodbye years with my own children, but I wish I had not waited! The Goodbye Year was bittersweet and engaging. As a mom, I was deeply touched by both the struggles and the joys experienced by the women in this novel. It’s obvious to me as a reader that Kaira Rouda knows what she’s talking about when it comes to being a mom and having to help your kids fly the nest.

Besides being a heartfelt story that reflects the emotions of a goodbye year, the book was extremely entertaining. Rouda delves into the lives of the economically elite and reveals struggles and atrocities that shock and entertain, and yet as she peels back the layers of each character, we discover women whose motivations are more relatable to every woman than we initially might believe.

I would recommend this novel to any woman who has ever questioned her role in life.


Happy Reading!


I Like You Just Fine When You’re Not Around

I recently read a novel by Ann Garvin called I Like You Just Fine When You’re Not Around. It was funny, sad, hilarious, heartfelt, absolutely real, heartbreaking, inspiring, and did I mention funny? I can’t even explain what this book did for me, and I’m supposed to be good with words, but Ann Garvin understands me!!! Don’t you love when an author digs so deep that you know they really get it? Sometimes an author really gets life in all its glorious complication and shows you the beauty, love, and humor in it all. That’s how I felt after reading I Like You Just Fine When You’re Not Around.

Another cool thing about reading I Like You Just Fine When You’re Not Around is that it was my chosen book for staying in and supporting #Read4Refugees. If you want to learn more about the cause, as well as the other authors who support it, follow the page on Twitter (@gojanegive) or go to this link: https://gojanegive.org/read4refugees/

Finally, one more cool thing about reading I Like You Just Fine When You’re Not Around (I’m getting so good at typing that!) is that the author Ann Garvin is the founder of the Tall Poppy Writers, a group that I am so humbled and happy to be part of. I can’t imagine my life as a writer, or a woman, without this amazing group of authors. To get some great book ideas and chat with authors and writers, check out our group called Bloom over at Facebook: http://bit.ly/areyouinbloom

Be sure to grab your own copy of I Like You Just Fine When You’re Not Around. You’ll love it!

Happy Reading!





The Real Thing hits the Subway Today!

I’m so excited that The Real Thing is being dropped on the subway today by the Books on the Subway Fairies! Books on the Subway describes what they do as being like a public library, but on the New York Subway. I’m honored that they selected The Real Thing and hope some lucky readers enjoy the read, and the ride! Follow them at @BooksSubway on Twitter and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bookssubway

Learn More About Books on the Subway Here.


Learn More About The Real Thing Here. If you aren’t in NYC, check your local library or purchase or order from your favorite bookstore.

The Real Thing, by Tina Ann Forkner [Southern Born Books/Tule Publishing 2016]

Happy Reading!