Reading Suggestion: Left to Chance, by Amy Sue Nathan


Release: November 2017

Every now and then I read a book whose characters stay with me long after I turn the last page. Left to Chance by Amy Sue Nathan is one of those books. I always love how real to life her characters are and before I even turned the first page, I was hoping for a story that I would recognize as a little bit complicated, but that would also lift my spirits. These are the aspects I loved about her first two novels. I’m happy to say I wasn’t at all disappointed.

Teddi Lerner returns to Chance, Ohio after leaving with no notice five years earlier, breaking already torn hearts and leaving a path of confusion after her best friend’s death. When she gets an opportunity to go back and make things right with her friends, and especially with her best friend’s daughter, twelve-year-old Shayna, she returns amidst feelings of obligation, dread, and nostalgia for her home town. It isn’t clear if Teddi will be able to set things right, but as she opens up to the pain and grief in her own heart over the loss of her friend, we learn more about the real reason that she left.

With well-drawn, complex, and emotional characters that have become trademark for Amy Sue Nathan’s novels, Left to Chance drew me into the lives and community of Chance. I love how Nathan depicts family and relationships realistically and beautifully, rarely shiny and perfect, but always revealing the kind of depth of emotion that makes life worth the journey.

I highly recommend this book!


The Rowdy Cowgirl: Cheyenne Frontier Days

I’ve been having such a great time at the 2017 Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo! One of the best parts was stopping by The Rowdy Cowgirl to visit with the owner, Rebecca O’Leary, who is selling copies of my books! I also met Lindsey Brashear who was working the store and telling folks about my books. Rebecca and Lindsey are both from Oklahoma! Even better than that, the home store, The Hitchin’ Post, is in Colcord, Oklahoma where I grew up. It’s a small world, that’s for sure.

If you are at Frontier Park in Cheyenne this weekend, be sure to stop by The Rowdy Cowgirl and The Hitchin’ Post.


Hey, Cowgirls! Need Some Pampering?

I’m pretty excited to be joining these lovely ladies in Cheyenne, Wyoming for a night of pampering on July 23rd! I’ll be signing copies of The Real Thing, Nashville by Heart, and all of my books. I would love to meet you.

If you are attending Cheyenne Frontier Days or are just in our neck of the woods, come do some shopping and be pampered and encouraged by my friends, speaker and encourager Laura Whitmore of Beehold Cakes, Georgeann Wearin and The Squash Blossoms, as well as the amazing Susie McEntire and Keenie Word.

I hope to see you there for some cowgirl fun and pampering! If you can’t come, I’d be happy to send you a signed book sticker for your purchased copy of The Real Thing!