Remember Blogging?

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Remember blogging? When I first started, most people in my hometown had barely heard of it. Now numerous people have started blogging, stopped, and already moved on to Instagram or some other social media. It is difficult to follow how quickly social media has caught on, and moved on, to the next new platform. Everyone is on board now. Our children think they invented it. Mellenials are going around owning it like we Gen-Xers only had black and white television or something. Nevermind the fact that computers began before either of our generations, as I was reminded last week when I read Grace Hopper, the Queen of Computer Code by Laurie Wallmark and Katy Wu to my fourth grade library students. Not that my grandparents would have known much about computers. They didn’t have access, so they still had to write with pencils and pens.

When I was a kid, my grandmother loved that I wrote stories in notebooks and kept a diary. I had a computer in high school with a DOS Prompt, but I couldn’t take it home with me. They weren’t even portable, yet. When I moved across the ocean she wasn’t all that thrilled that I got married so young (she knew stuff I didn’t – but that’s another story), but she was possibly the biggest letter writer besides my little sister. I kept up letter writing for a long time, even after my grandmother passed away. I wrote to my parents, friends, nieces and nephews, my little sister, and occasionaly to my aunts. Sadly, I got out of the habit. I am not sure what happened, but I think I can blame technology for a big part of how I began to communicate with friends and family. Even journal writing changed. But then came a new way to journal. Remember blogging?

I loved blogging, at first. It was like writing a column since it was public, but less formal, like a journal. When I first started doing it, I had lots of heartfelt things to share with my 10 readers, but nothing lasts forever, as they say. I got a book deal, and while I lived out my dream, some things didn’t change for the better. For one thing, I am still not dripping with diamonds, go figure, but I also didn’t become a prolific writer. Even my library kids recently asked me why I only had 5 books for their moms to read, when I’ve been published since 2008. A question I have asked myself many times. But seriously, there was something about being published that made me feel like I was writing on demand. There wasn’t time for talking about everyday life in a simple blog, anymore. My publisher wanted me to use my blog to promote my books, and then came other kinds of social media. At some point, many of us kind of forgot about blogging.

I would like to see blogging make a comeback. Or has it already, and I missed it? After all, I AM a Gen-Xer, so perhaps it’s back in style with Aqua Net hairspray and nobody told me. Kind of like the fact that I am still wearing skinny jeans even though today I read that they are supposed to be out again.

Anyway, I still remember blogging. Maybe I’ll start doing it again.


Let’s Make it Official

Yes, I know.  Someone might as well just say it. This whole blog is about random things.

Some people blog about sewing, some about cooking, while others blog about being a ranching woman. Me? I write about whatever comes to mind whenever I feel like it. I don’t feel as guilty about it as I probably should, so pray for me. Since I’m a writer, what should I blog about? Writing? Something besides writing?

Some  wonderful authors I know write about books and authors while some like to use their blogs to inspire or teach you how to write. And we must not forget about the fabulous  agents who do what they can to help us learn about the big wide world of publishing in all its forms (emphasis added for my own agent, of course).

Still other writers like to write about their own writing – every single day – which I can tell you gets really boring after a while. It also steals your creativity if you aren’t careful. I’ve noticed that some writers who seem to have the same dilemma as I do just post cute photos of their kids and call it good.

When I first started blogging, I had a mommy blog with my sister. Then we got too busy being moms to blog, so we quit (being mommy bloggers, not mommies). When I got published, I started blogging about the debut novelist’s journey. I’m certainly not finished with my journey, but with two published novels I’m not exactly debuting anything anymore.

I don’t seem to be a specialist in any one thing except my own books, which even I get tired of hearing about day in and day out. (That, of course, doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy them if you were thinking about buying them. I’m just sayin’.)

So, let’s just make it official.  This blog here will always be about random things that happen in an author’s life. Believe me, on most days those things might not be much different from what happens to you  in yours. For example, I still have to pick up the dog poop when my husband gets too busy and I don’t have a personal gardener, but I’ll try to entertain and inform when I tell you about my “exciting life” as an author.

I’ll be blogging more often here and every now and then I’ll even be guest blogging there, wherever there is. I’ll let you know. 

So, where do you blog and what about? Are you a topical blogger? Or do you write about random things? Give us the links to your own blogs and/or to your favorites.

(The picture is of the real me with my sister and SIL in my mom’s teeny kitchen. They know the real me and still asked for my autograph when I got published. They are both more fantastic than I am, but they haven’t given me their autographs yet.)